Master Value-Based Decision-Making so you can

Learn the ABC's of value so you can make profitable decisions and maximize your impact for patients, providers, employers, life science companies, and payers

We apply the Science of Value, Technology, and Industry Know-how to help our partners win in healthcare

Science of Value

We apply proven science from the fields of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), data science, and behavioral economics to create, support, and drive confident decision-making based on proven value.  

Technology & Programming

We leverage our experience with technology to drive new efficiencies, uncover new insights, and even spark new revenue streams for our clients. The precision and automation technology offers can drastically drive ROI.  

Industry Know-how

We engage decades of experience in the healthcare industry as critical context that informs present and future opportunities for our clients. Key trends that matter now are the volume-to-value transition and consumer-driven healthcare.  

Science of Value

Putting the power of value science tools in your hands

"Value" has historically been somewhat subjective in nature. Yet, all stakeholders in healthcare are demanding value - patients through consumer-driven healthcare, payers through value-based reimbursement systems. That's why we built a proprietary approach to quantifying and qualifying value that is based on proven scientific methods. The disciplines of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), data science, and behavioral economics each offer a toolbox full of methods that help drive confident decision-making in the midst of a complex environment. Our proprietary approach cuts through the noise and fake news to give laser focus to the truth in a way that builds confidence in your decision-making. 

Technology & Programming

Leveraging the power of the latest tech to power your solutions for patients

Technology can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For us, it means the use of programming to solve problems create efficiencies, and develop new products and services for you. We apply our knowledge of full stack programming across dozens of frameworks and programming languages to drive results for you. We have experience with UI, automation, middleware, AI/Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Industry Know-how

Applying industry experience to help your business excel with insider-like results

Our decades of experience in the healthcare industry goes to work for you with every project. Some of the leading trends that are driving the current and future-state of healthcare are volume-to-value (V2V) and consumer-driven healthcare (CDHC). These trends are driving important realities to the healthcare delivery environment. Those that are not planning and implementing as such may be quickly irrelevant and out of business. Also key to our approach is the perspective of your customer. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer is critical to success. In healthcare, there are consumers (i.e., patients), employers, payers, manufacturers, and society. We are intimate with them all.

We Want to Help You

We help healthcare leaders succeed so they can grow the health and wealth of individuals, organizations, and society. 

That's why we teach the ABCs of value - i.e., Assess, Build, and Communicate Value. With proven value skills that most do not have, daily insights and epiphanies help you overcome your biggest obstacles and drive business results that exceed your expectations. 

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